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Visionary has been pleased to provide a wide range of marketing consulting services to the following clients:

Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Australia


How Visionary Group has partnered with AME Australia:

Visionary has worked with stakeholders within AME Australia to develop and coordinate marketing and communications since September 2010. In early 2011 Visionary was contracted to create a new website for AME, with a full membership subscription fuctionality, secure document repository, event registration module and newsletter subscription system.

The site has been successful in deliivering a streamlined online ebusiness solution to members and executive stakeholders, as well as reducing operating costs for the organisation and providing high end value to state-based chapters.

Furthermore, the team at Visionary has conducted Membership Quality surveys, which has been invaluable to the Board to deliver better quality to members. Visionary has also developed and managed a variety of marketing campaigns to promote the orgaisation in general, but also to market specific events as well; AME has embraced social media, which adds another dimension to existing, traditional periodicals and networking opportunities.

2012 Update: AME Australia contracted Visionary to develop and manage a website for their national conference - this was also integrated with a comprehansive marketing campaign, resulting in record attendance and a significant spike to AME Australia's membership base.

About The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Australia:

AME promotes operational excellence within the Manufacturing sector in Australia and New Zealand - AME has a professional membership base who use the organisation to exchange best practice knowledge and newtorking via a series of local, state-based and national events.

As an affiliate of AME USA, members of AME Australia enjoy being part of a larger global network of like-minded professionals and organisations. 

Visit the AME Website Here

Sequel Home Based Care


How Visionary Group has partnered with Sequel Home Based Care:

In conjunction with strategic partner Webtastic Design, we have supported Sequel Home Based Care with website maintenance, monitoring and optimisation of their business website.

As the business grows, so to does the online presence of the company; Visionary Group supports our client partner and advise the business owner in areas of Digital Strategy and ongoing evolution within the digital marketplace.

About Sequel Home Based Care:

Sequel Home Based Care develops Elderly Care programs tailored to meet the individual needs of people who are aged or frail, allowing them to remain in the comfort and security of their own home.

Services provided under these programs include: Personal Care, Home Care, Respite Care and a number of other services designed to assist with all aspects of daily living.

Visit the Sequel Home Based Care website here.

Express Paint Rollers Australia


How Visionary Group has partnered with Express Paint Rollers Australia:

Since early 2011, the team and Visionary has assisted our client partner to create an online business to suppliment their traditional revenue streams. Visionary has developed  and maintains an eCommerce website, with full payment gateway and flexible functionality. Furthermore Visionary has integrated an eNewsletter module and also SMS marketing tools and Social Media to compliment traditional mail-out marketing activities.

Express Paint Rollers Australia has invested in the future of the business, positioned securely within the digital marketplace but also maintaining the traditional foundations to their national clients - Visionary has been honoured to continue working with Express Paint Rollers Australia.

To date Visionary Group continues to work with Express Rollers with SEO and Internet Marketing support.

About Express Paint Rollers Australia:

Express Rollers is a family owned business who supply high quality trade painting equipment to industry; some of the most notable items include patented roller frames and uniquely made lambswool paint rollers and decking applicators.

Express Paint Rollers Australia supply their range products directly to the large paint supply stores around Australia, such as Dulux, Wattyl and others; Express Rollers also supplies product to larger industrial painting companies.

Today, Express Paint Rollers Australia maintains quality service and supply to national customers, but also has positioned themselves to cater for trade and domestic clientelle via eCommerce, Social Media and Integrated Marketing.

Visit the Express Paint Rollers Australia website here.

Craig's Royal Hotel

About Craigs Royal Hotel:

As one of the first Grand Hotels in the colony, Craig’s Royal Hotel was born from the wealth of the Australian Gold Rush Era. Established in 1853, Craig’s soon set the standards for unparalleled hospitality and service. Hosting poets, princes and prime ministers over its 155 year history, the hotel is a true icon of the Victorian period.

Visit the Craigs Royal Hotel website here.

How Visionary marketing has partnered with Craigs Royal Hotel:

Our current project focuses on Internet marketing and optimisation of the website to create a distinctive competitive edge over similar busineses; a variety of activities and campaigns are enlisted to promote the brand and deliver a refined presence online for the business.

The Carpet & Tile Gallery

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The Carpet and Tile Gallery

The Carpet and Tile Gallery

About The Carpet and Tile Gallery:

The Carpet and Tile Gallery Megastore is the largest of its kind in the greater Victoria area offering a massive array of products, consisting of Ceramic Tiles, Timber Flooring, The Latest in Vinyl flooring, and a unprecedented range of Carpets which make this store truly a One Stop Shop for the consumer.

We are all time poor these days, our megastore makes it easy for our customers they can pull right up at the front door so parking is great!

Visit The Carpet and Tile Gallery website here.

How Visionary marketing has partnered with The Carpet and Tile Gallery:

Our current project focuses on Internet marketing and optimisation of the website to create a distinctive competitive edge over similar busineses; a variety of activities and campaigns are enlisted to promote the brand and deliver a refined presence online for the business.



How Visionary Group has partnered with FIFOcapital:

Local franchise owner Nigel Fitzpatrick required an on-call marketing service provider who could also support his needs in areas of web updates and also other supplementary activities such as management and optimisation of the company YouTube channel and development of eNewsletter marketing.

With quick trun-around and realistic prices for service, FIFOcapital continues to be supported in an as needed basis, including regular email marketing to subscribed client and industry supporters.

About FIFOcapital (also known as FIFOcashflow):

Fifo Capital is a privately held finance company assisting business owners realise their goals. We are innovative in our approach, and do not require long term contracts or property security.

Visit the FIFOcapital website here.

King Print

About Kingprint:

Superior Solutions sums up the philosophy at kingprint. It expresses our mission to deliver the best customer experience, the best value for money and the best print and communications solutions. With a well known dedication to service, a history of innovation and people who know their stuff, as a kingprint client, you can expect the best.

Visit the Kingprint website here.

How Visionary eBusiness has partnered with Kingprint:

Kingprint approached Jalapeno with a view to review, update and manage their Internet marketing activities, producing increased business via online sources. Kingprint's strategic plan looks to the development of peronal, quality online services for their existing and new clients, thus building on their continued success and competitive edge.


"Upon contacting the Visionary Group I was impressed with their professionalism and 'can do attitude". Nothing was too hard or any trouble, and they were more than patient in dealing with me - a total computer "technophobe". They explained in my language what would work for my legal brand to better enhance my website. I knew what I wanted, they listened, suggested alternatives and were not afraid to think outside the square. I would recommend the Visionary Group to any business."
Sarah Wade - Director, Employers Legal

"A huge thank you to Rachel from Visionary for mentoring me not only on building my business Feathers by Faith but on how to juggle being a business woman and a stay at home mum. She covered so many different topics and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level and in turn to become a true success. The advice she has given on where to market my business has led to more work opportunities and she has sent me on business paths I never would have though of. I will be forever grateful for the support and kindness she has shown be over the past 8 months and I look forward to working with her in the future."
Faith Valent, Feathers by Faith

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