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Visionary has been pleased to provide a wide range of marketing consulting services to the following clients:

Corporate Commandos

About Corporate Commandos:

Corporate Commandos® will provide your organisation with a unique leadership and teamwork learning experience which develops individual confidence and skills while improving team dynamics in a task focussed environment.

All courses can be tailored to meet your required outcomes and goals; focussing on team building activities and leadership programs in a variety of formats. Our team bonding and executive leadership courses can either be stand alone or several courses can be consolidated into one as required by your organisation.

How Visionary marketing partnered with Corporate Commandos:

Corporate Commandos had contracted a national Internet marketing company, however it was proving not to have the expected outcomes in relation to the high investment costs; Visionary marketing offered a cost effective, targetted Internet marketing campaign with a strategic view to utilising traffic and a PPC data into a comprehensive and long term organic optimisation of the site.

The end result has been an increase in traffic and also better qualified sales leads, thus reducing the overall campaign costs, but also delivering a higher rate of return on investment.

Art Focus


About ARTfocus Photography:

Offering a range of premium souvenirs, innovative photo design for home and office and archival quality art prints.

Photo services for tourism & real estate, design of promotional mailers and photo restoration.

Craig Holloway is the proprieter of ARTfocus and draws from an extensive international professional career.

Visit the ARTfocus website here.

How Visionary marketing has partnered with ARTfocus Photography:

ARTfocus had contracted a nationalcompany to run their AdWords, analysis of the campaign by Jalapeno identified several serious issues with the program and now manages an effective AdWords campaign.

The website was also reveiwed in terms of functionality and substantial changes were adopted by the client on this basis; the site is also optimised to increase ranking in natural searches.

eCommerce functionality was also adopted within the site for automation of the sale of products and services.


"Upon contacting the Visionary Group I was impressed with their professionalism and 'can do attitude". Nothing was too hard or any trouble, and they were more than patient in dealing with me - a total computer "technophobe". They explained in my language what would work for my legal brand to better enhance my website. I knew what I wanted, they listened, suggested alternatives and were not afraid to think outside the square. I would recommend the Visionary Group to any business."
Sarah Wade - Director, Employers Legal

"A huge thank you to Rachel from Visionary for mentoring me not only on building my business Feathers by Faith but on how to juggle being a business woman and a stay at home mum. She covered so many different topics and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level and in turn to become a true success. The advice she has given on where to market my business has led to more work opportunities and she has sent me on business paths I never would have though of. I will be forever grateful for the support and kindness she has shown be over the past 8 months and I look forward to working with her in the future."
Faith Valent, Feathers by Faith

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Visionary partners with businesses who understand the need to have a great online presence, but lack the time or skills to do it.
We ensure that you understand what we are doing and give you the capability to be able to do it yourself, if you choose.