Consultancy Services at Visionary Group

Visionary is a full service digital marketing agency, providing a range of services to small and large organisations. Specialising in providing strategic direction and implementation skills for projects across many industry sectors and project types.

Our consultancy services are provided across the areas of Integrated Marketing, Digital MarketingDigital Business and Project Management, with options given on a project basis or monthly retainer.

The knowledge, experience and expertise that both Craig Allan and Rachel Allan provide across Visionary’s core consulting areas ensure that clients receive high quality outcomes for projects.

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Receive intensive support focusing on growing your business through organisation, analysis and strong marketing.

Be challenged to define your business goals, analyse your marketing and discover the best method for you. Discuss barriers and issues you are having within your business. Follow this link for more information

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy should be an extension of your marketing plan and developed with your business plan considered.

We believe that a good digital strategy is created from sound research and will create effective campaigns that produce leads ultimately converting into sales for your business. See our Integrated Marketing section for more details.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Positioning your business to gain exposure in the digital space can be confusing and time consuming. Visionary provides assistance to business by developing and implementing campaigns across these 5 key areas (identified by Google as essential elements to digital marketing):

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimise your site so search engines understand

Natural optimisation of the site to appear (at least) on the first page of SERP’s will reduce the reliance on PPC campaigns, thus allowing savings to be used in new product launches, or to promote underperforming areas of the business.

Targeted keywords are essential to the success of this technique, which are utilised within the website code (HTML) and also website copy, calls to action, titles, tags and other areas. This is the core element of the Internet Marketing strategy, techniques used in this area deliver positive long term and cost effective results to your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Invest in promoting your business online

An advertising campaign, such as Google AdWords, can quickly allow your website to be positioned in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), thus drawing in prospective customers to visit your site; ultimately increasing your sales and gaining critical mass within the marketplace.

As the term suggests, this is a paid advertising technique; you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement; this price is based on targeted keywords that accurately describe your products and services; targeted call to action adverts draw visitors to enter your site.

Location Based Search: Let people know where you are

The rapid adoption of Smartphones has made searching mobile, with the integration of maps for search consumers can quickly find products and searches while out and about.

This simple yet effective marketing technique can boost your online presence greatly, particularly from a convenience perspective for the consumer; map based search also allows for customers to review your business and for you to add details about your products and services as well driving traffic into your business website.

Social Media: Engage in existing and potential customers

Social Media has transformed how companies communicate with consumers, there is also a lot to know to be able to utilise Social Media effectiively and many businesses feel the risk is too high - mastering Social Media is a serious strategic advantage for your firm.

There's also so many platfoms out there, each with a specific demographic... with Visionary's support you can leverage the right one for your business and messaging. 

Email Marketing: Regularly communicate with Subscribers as VIP’s

Email marketing is as important as ever, this is where your prospects and existing clients keep in touch and up-to-date with your expertice and offerings; a timely, coordinated and informative communications vehicle such as eNews is an essential element for a successful Internet marketing campaign.

Keeping your email marketing legally responsible is very important, in Australia severe penalties apply companies found to be 'spamming' people; this an other potential pitfalls to the uninitiatied can very damaging, Visionary works with client partners to make sure email marketing is a positive marketing channel.

Additional Web Services Available

Modern websites require ongoing attention to maintain relevancy for both your customers and Google. Visionary has the following additional services to help you:

Website Development Services
No website is too big or small; No industry is too complex; Visionary has managed a diverse range of website development projects as can be demonstrated in our Portfolio. (

Whether your need is a brand new website (maybe your first) or a re-development of your existing site, Visionary can help.

Visionary recommends and uses Joomla! content management systems. Follow this link

Integrated Content Updates
For both text and imagery across your website, social media, blog and your newsletter. Ensuring consistency, engagement and optimisation success.

Digital Management—Looking after you

Hosting, domain and e-mail management
Back-ups, archiving & uptime monitoring
Insight data and statistics
CMS Management & updates (Joomla! and Wordpress)

Project Management

Sometimes all you need is a little help and guidance to make your project come to fruition.

Visionary provides a range of services for corporate, community and private clients. Providing expertise in logistics, resourcing and also marketing, communications and promotions.

Our experience has extended to large scale web development, product and business launches, community markets, expos, dinners, gala balls, conferences, networking functions, fundraising and community events.

Integrated Marketing

Marketing should not be seen as a stand alone activity within your business. By taking an integrated approach it will become both holistic and also pro-active.

Integrated marketing allows the adoption of new methods and practices with implementation throughout your business.

Visionary specialises in developing and managing Digital Marketing campaigns, as part of an overall Integrated Marketing Strategy.

Sales Funnel - Your Business Diagram Art

Here is an overview you can get more detail on our blog here:


Effective research will allow you to understand your existing and potential customers, will give you an overview of your competitors and identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for your business (SWOT analysis).

Research should allow you to develop or improve your product and/or service offerings, and also give you an indication of the best communication methods that will reach your desired target audience.


Effective marketing Strategy development will be guided by your Research and also your business plan. A clear marketing strategy will provide direction for your marketing activity and also a way of measuring your activities. It will establish goals and the optimal marketing mix to achieve the goals.


From the Strategy, Campaigns can be created that are directed and utilise the best marketing communications mix to reach your desired outcome. Campaigns effectively detail the implementation of your strategy.

A Campaign is usually run over a period of months and will include a variety of measurable methods as determined by your strategy and marketing mix. This step will ensure that your marketing is proactive rather than reactive.


Once you have people interested in your business you need to ensure that they can 'do' business with you easily. The process of Enquiry, Conversion, Retention and Upselling. You need to measure the success of your marketing (or otherwise) make changes and go again.